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    Child Therapy

    Giving a child a protected space,
    the child feels safe in a therapeutic environment
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    Adult Therapy

    By processing inner turmoil an adult’s self-esteem,
    confidence and inner peace improves
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About Nicki

My name is Nicki Malcolm, and I am a Play and Creative Arts Therapist based in Sidcup, Kent. Since 2004 I have worked in various environments with children including pre-school and primary school settings. During this time I have been working with children therapeutically since 2011.

Every one of us experiences difficulties in our life at some point. These could be past experiences or something that we are struggling with at this present moment. Sometimes we have persistent feelings about a person or situation and we are unable to understand why. Feelings of in balance and disconnection from within impact our feeling of wholeness. From my own personal experience of having Play and Creative Art Therapy, I know that change has to come from within. I will give you the safe and protected space to explore any issues to find inner peace in a non judgemental therapeutic relationship.


Play is essential for children to develop physically, emotionally, socially and cognitively. It is a natural medium for self-expression and communication.


Play Therapy is more than just play. It is a way of communicating non verbally. It provides a safe place and a safe relationship, where an individual can fully express and explore their thoughts, feelings, experiences and behaviours.


By projecting thoughts and experiences in creative play it allows the individual to understand themselves and their inner world. They can 'play out' traumas such attachment issues and more.

Nicki Malcolm Play and Creative Arts Therapist


This allows expressions of feelings of anger, rejection, hurt, failure, self-esteem issues and make sense of their inner world.


Giving a protected space, in a safe therapeutic environment. This allows an unconscious process and the magical journey of healing. By developing a sense of self, learning, behaviour and communication improves.


By having insight of self-healing and instinctively can do so through an adult's presence and acceptance.


I am a member of PTUK (Play Therapy UK) and I am on their register of Play Therapists accredited by the PSA (Professional Standards Authority) for health and social care. This is an independent body, accountable to Government.

I complete ongoing CPD (Continued Professional Development) as part of the requirements of PTUK and I have my own supervision. In addition I am also an accredited Play and Creative Arts Therapist (November 2019) and a Child and Parent/Carer Attachment Practitioner - Big Toes, Little Toes (2014).


  • Certified Play and Creative Art Therapist

    Certified Play and Creative Art Therapist – PTUK

  • Trainee Certified Play Therapist

    Trainee Certified Play Therapist – PTUK

  • Certified Therapeutic Play Practitioner

    Certified Therapeutic Play Practitioner – PTUK


  • Trainee Therapeutic Play Practitioner

    Trainee Therapeutic Play Practitioner – PTUK


  • Therapeutic Play

    Therapeutic Play in Understanding children's emotional well being - Bexley Council

  • Registered member of:

    Play Therapy United KingdomProfessional Standards Authority

Therapy Techniques

By processing inner turmoil leading to unwanted behaviours, a child's, adolescent's or adult's self-esteem improves impacting on their growing confidence and inner peace. Some of the techniques used within the sessions are shown below.

hand painting play therapy

Play Therapy

Children displaying any symptoms of attachment issues, controlling behaviour or ADHD behaviours can be assisted with the use of play therapy.

This can in turn build confidence and be used as a creative outlet in order to manage factors leading to these types of behaviours.

colouring technique for reflection


With reflection and acceptance it can provide helpful skills to learn how to break the cycle of OCD patterns and self-harm.

Play therapy can also give the opportunity to discuss about constant sadness and suicidal feelings.

emotional expression

Emotional Expression

Experiencing low self-esteem, a noticeable change in behaviour, either becoming suddenly withdrawn or a physical effect such as a child bedwetting, will often lead to concern for a person’s and child’s welfare.

Therapy can often assist with dealing with deeper emotional issues such as neglect, abuse whether sexual or physical in order to start healing.

play enactment with sandpit

Play Enactment

Displays of anger or aggression can often be due to underlining unresolved emotional issues.

By acting out previous situations or trauma’s through the use of play, it can help to determine a resolution by creating a calm approach in a safe and experienced environment.

drawing of family representing family turmoil

Family Turmoil

A Divorce, Separation or Bereavement within a family can often affect not only a child’s emotions but it can also have an emotional impact on an adult’s thoughts and feelings.

Through the use of illustration it can enable a visual representation of one’s inner issues and turmoil.

woman painting therapy for regaining control

Regaining Control

Creative therapy can also benefit people suffering from Anxiety, Eating Disorders or Addictions.

By having the opportunity to openly express feelings through the use of paint as a technique to relax and regain control.

Session Prices

Play Therapy Sessions for children, adolescents and adults. I work privately and also provide my services in school settings and other organisations. My work is predominately client led working both unconsciously and consciously to explore issues, past or present that affects the wellbeing of one's self. I currently offer 3 different session types.

Unless otherwise stated sessions are for 40 minutes and the number of sessions are dependent on the reasons for referral. Location of consultation can be discussed upon request. Prices of sessions may be subject to change and availability.

In an initial consultation meeting these behaviours and or issues can be discussed.

  • Are you or your child displaying any of these behaviours:
  • Anger/Aggression, Anxiety, Bed Wetting, Bullying, Depression, Eating Disorders, Low Self-Esteem, Low Self Worth, OCD Patterns, Self-Harm, Withdrawn or School Refuser
  • These behaviours could be caused by:
  • Bereavement, Divorce, Mental Health Challenges, Abuse - Physical, Emotional, Sexual, Neglect or Lack of Parent Attachment
  • These behaviours can be explored in the safety of the therapeutic relationship
  • 1
  • POA

    40 mins

  • Individual Session

  • Child Therapy

  • Adolescent Therapy

  • Adult Therapy

  • Prices available
    upon request

  • 2
  • POA

    40 mins

  • School Settings

  • Individual Session

  • Child Therapy

  • Adolescent Therapy

  • Half/Full Day

    Prices available
    upon request

  • 3
  • POA

  • Organisation Settings

  • Individual Session

  • Child Therapy

  • Adolescent Therapy

  • Adult Therapy

  • Half/Full Day

    Prices available
    upon request

In House Play Therapy awareness training and prices are also available upon request.
Prices correct as of 11/06/2016, further details upon request.

Happy Clients


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The images displayed on this website and promotional material for Nicki Malcolm Creative Arts and Play Therapy are in order to represent services provided and are for illustrative purposes only. Stock photography has be used in order to protect and to retain privacy and confidentially of clients.